Homes Needed

Below is a list of the animals that we presently have available for adoption. Further dogs available for adoption can be found on the link page with Stray Dog Sanctuary.

You can also find an up to date list of our dogs for rehoming on our facebook page



Duke is a male Staffie who is approximately 3.5 years old. Duke is a sweet boy who loves lots of fuss and attention from everyone he sees. He can be nervous and does flinch at sudden movements so will need a home that is understanding and will help him build his confidence. Duke knows the command sit, but will only usually follow this if you have a tasty treat to coax him with. He will need to with his training in his new home and to help him get over his selective hearing when it comes to learning. Duke appears to be sociable with the dogs, however he has NOT been cat tested whilst with us. He is suitable to be homed with children 6 years +.RESERVED


Bieber is a male Staffi who is approximately 3.5 years old. Bieber is a lovely lad, very loving and loves being around people. He is a big softy but also loves playtime and has loads of fun down at the field. We think he’d like a home where he would get to go on lots of adventures and have a great time. Bieber does know some commands but is still not showing his full colours. We would recommend further reward based training to help him along his way. Bieber appears to be sociable with the dogs, however he has NOT been cat tested whilst with us. He is suitable to be homed with children 6 years +.


Jake is an adorable Staffie who is approximately 6 years old. Jake is a happy, loving boy who’s just wants to make as many human friends as possible. Jake appears to only know a couple of the basic commands, and those that he does know he isn’t very reliable in performing. But what he lacks in manners he makes up for in love and affection! As with all our dogs we would recommend the continuation of positive based training to help further improve his knowledge. Jake appears to be social with other dogs; however he has not been cat tested whilst in our care. Jake is able to live with a family where any children are 6 years +RESERVED


Puzzle is a sweet JRT male who is approximately 6 years old. Puzzle is a very sweet natured boy who likes a fuss and cuddle every now and then but will quite happily take himself off to lay down when he’s had enough. His favourite thing to do is to be out and about exploring and using his nose to its full potential. This is followed closely by his love of food! Puzzle doesn’t appear to know many commands, however this could be due to his stubborn terrier nature and the use of tasty treats definitely helps encourage him. Puzzle has been vet checked as he arrived with a small lump on his shoulder blade. It is suspected to be a cyst and no further action is required. It may disappear in time and reappear on and off in the future. Puzzle appears to be sociable with the other dogs he has met in our care; however he has not met any cats whilst here with us. Puzzle is able to live in a family environment where any children are 6 years +RESERVED


Frank is a gorgeous Staffi male who is approximately 6-7 years old. Frank is an adorable big softy. He has such a kind sensitive way about him, we think anyone would fall in love. He loves his walks and is still very much a toy hogger, he will need someone who will spend time teaching him how to give them up as he loves to play. He is also very much a sofa surfer and spends any extra time in his bed so would be a great companion for someone who loves to cuddle. Frank is really bright and has obviously had some training in the past as he does know his basic commands. Recall will come in time but with continued reward based training we are sure he will get it! Frank appears to be sociable with the other dogs he has met in our care; however he has not met any cats whilst here with us. Frank is able to live in a family environment where any children are 6 years +

SPLODGE (left)

Splodge is a gorgeous dinky Staffi girl who is approximately 6 years old. Splodge was found straying and appears to have been passed around a bit. Her owner was sadly uncontactable so she now finds herself needing a special home with experienced owners. She is a very sweet, dinky girl who loves human companionship. She is a massive fusspot and loves lots of cuddles. She also loves to play and would spend ages chasing toys around (typical Staffi!) Splodge will need help with her training as she isn’t to up for showing us her knowledge. She may well be leading us into a false sense of security though!! She will also need socialisation lessons as although she has been great here and gets on with calm, laid back dogs (Vinnie is her favourite – pictured right!) she doesn’t like to be overwhelmed and she can come across mean and noisy towards dogs that worry her! We would like to find her an experienced home where her new owner can work with her to bring her along in her own time; it won’t be an instant fix.
Splodge appears to be selectively sociable with the other dogs she has met in our care, ideally an only dog home to start with, but she could possibly live with a calm male – dependent on dog introductions. Splodge has not met any cats whilst here with us. Splodge is able to live in a family environment where any children are 10 years +


Alfie is a huge Lurcher x Horse (the photo does not do him justice and show his size) He is approximately 3.5 years old. Alfie is a massive goofball. He doesn’t realise quite how big he is and is so clumsy with it. He is very affectionate and loves a fuss with the girls who look after him; sometimes he likes it so much he tries to sit on you! Alfie does know some commands and loves his food so works well for it. He will need a home where he is going to have continued training and someone who will keep him on the straight and narrow. He is a very strong boy and if left to his own devices he could be a bit of a wild child! We do know that Alfie has lived in a home previously with other dogs and children. He hasn’t met any cats. He could live with another calm dog as this may help with his manners. However due to his clumsy oversized nature any children in the home would have to be 10 years +


Willow is a lovely Lurcher girlie who is approximately 1.5 – 2 years old. Willow is a lovely friendly girl who is pleasure to be around. She loves to play and have a good time but also is a huge sofa surfer! Willow has been in a home environment for the last couple of months after being found as a stray and staying with us before. She has been living alongside two other dogs and children with no trouble at all. Sadly due to a sudden change in circumstances they have been unable to keep her and asked for our help in finding her a new home. Willow is doing well with some commands but will need help learning and this will also help build a bond with new owners. Like most Lurchers she does have a very high prey drive so any new owners will have to be aware of this. It may be something she can be helped along with, but may be with her for life. Willow is friendly towards other dogs, she can’t live with small animals/cats. She is able to be homed in a home where any children are 5 years +RESERVED