Homes Needed

Below is a list of the animals that we presently have available for adoption. Further dogs available for adoption can be found on the link page with Stray Dog Sanctuary.

You can also find an up to date list of our dogs for rehoming on our facebook page



Ella is a female Staffie cross Lurcher who is approximately 4-5 years old. When first meeting someone Ella is a ball of energy, she gets very excitable and wants to give as many kisses as possible. However once the initial excitement has passed she soon relaxes and will walk nicely on her lead. Ella loves to play with toys and is particularly fond of tennis balls. She knows a few commands so has obviously undergone some training in the past, but like with all our strays we recommend continuing with training. Ella appears to be selectively sociable with the other dogs that she has met in our care, however she has NOT met any cats whilst here with us. Ella would be able to live in a family environment where any children are 6 years +


Sadly due to Separation Anxiety Bieber is back with us. The home he was in is very upset by this decision and have been trying very hard to work with him but due to work commitments and Bieber being destructive due to his fear of being left alone they were finding it very hard. Due to this we are now looking for a home where Bieber won’t be left alone. He will need someone who can spend loads of time with him and hopefully work alongside him to break this fear he has. In general Bieber is a great lad. His training is coming along, he has had good recall in this home. He is great around other dogs. He does however try to chase cats so he can’t be placed in a home where there are any. And finally he is the biggest snuggle monster going – he loves cuddles!! Bieber is a male Staffi who is approximately 3.5 years old. Bieber is a lovely lad, very loving and loves being around people. He is a big softy but also loves playtime and has loads of fun down at the field. We think he’d like a home where he would get to go on lots of adventures and have a great time. Bieber does know some commands but is still not showing his full colours. We would recommend further reward based training to help him along his way. Bieber appears to be sociable with the dogs, however he CAN NOT live with cats. He is suitable to be homed with children 6 years + RESERVED


Max is a Staffi who is estimated to be around 6-7 years old. Max is a fun loving lad who is huge on attention and getting lots of it! He has his typical staffi chattering that he does to make sure that you just continue to shower him in affection because he loves it so much! He is a very polite lad and walks nicely and is happy to stop and have a break meeting new people out and about on his walks. Max does know commands and has obviously been taught well in the past as he goes above and beyond! He does love food so this will help with any ongoing reward based training, he will also show you his cheeky roll over if you ask him nicely!. Max appears sociable with other dogs but has NOT many cats whilst being here with us. He may have lived with cats previously so may be workable in a new situation. He is able to go into a home where any children are 6 years +


Buddy is a large Lurcher who is estimated to be around 2 years old. Buddy is a lovely sweet natured boy who dotes on human affection. He is a leaner and will literally lean against you if it means he is getting as much fuss as possibly. He is very people orientated and gets so excited to meet new people – he is gorgeous and he knows it! Buddy will need help with his basic commands as he doesn’t seem to know very many. He does love food and is very people orientated so this will help with any ongoing reward based training. Buddy appears sociable with other dogs but has NOT many cats whilst being here with us. Buddy can go to a home where any children are 6 years +


Cedric is a handsome male husky who is approximately 16-18 months old. Cedric is a very excitable young boy who loves life and is full of energy. He walks well on lead, however he doesn’t know any commands so will need a home where he can continue to receive positive based training and we’re sure with his brains he will catch on really quick. Cedric can sometimes be a bit unsure and hand shy, especially when in situations he doesn’t feel comfortable in, so he would benefit from an experienced husky home where there is perhaps an older more experienced dog that can help show him the ropes. Cedric appears to be sociable with the dogs he has met while in our care; however he has NOT met any cats whilst here with us. Cedric would be able to be placed in a family home where children are 10 years +. RESERVED